Protect your World

You’ve asked me to research your mortgage options, it’s also my role to look at how you can/will continue to pay the mortgage in the future if anything unexpected happens.


The above statement will appear on many of your mortgage documents. It’s one of the most important considerations you will need (and want) to make. I’m really passionate about this because it can make a huge difference to you in the future as well as provide peace of mind and reassurance.

Think about your home, your income, your family... how important are they to you?

It doesn’t take a genius to know they mean a LOT to you, right? Let’s talk about looking after them.

I’m a professional expert, but also I’m someone that genuinely cares! I care because I understand.. this lovely bunch in the photo and my home, are my world, I’ll do anything to keep them safe. We’ll be chatting about how you could protect your world.

A vital part of my role is inviting you to consider putting plans in place, so that should something unexpected happen, you have a financial safety net. I can’t stop life events from happening, but I can chat to you so you know all the ways you can provide peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the last thing any of us want to think about is losing our home. It would be shattering. The sad fact is, if you couldn’t keep paying your mortgage (due to, for example, losing your partner or losing your income, etc.) the mortgage lender may be understanding for a short while, but there is only so long before they would have to start proceedings to repossess your home to repay the loan. You can avoid/delay this by having insurance in place, providing you with peace of mind.

Planning ahead now could help to ensure that you or your loved ones don’t struggle with finances, at the time it’s needed.

Build Financial Foundations

You’re in the fortunate position now to have the opportunity to put solutions in place to any potential difficult times, before they arise. It’s not very often in life we can plan with so much foresight. 

Did you know there are 6 ways you could lose your home?

Even if you are at the early stages of looking at getting a property, rather than wait until an unfortunate time in your future, its vital that you make provisions now alongside your mortgage. 

The image above shows all the things that could happen (and do happen) and could impact your mortgage repayments… and therefore risk losing your precious home. 

The Good News?

There are ways you can protect your world and avoid losing your home if/when any of the above things happen. 


'But will it really happen?' 'It won't happen to me!'

I’m forever an optimist, I have a naturally positive mindset and I’m also a huge fan of manifesting and ‘creating’ your future.

When I started this role, I didn’t fully value the cover that I was speaking about. It felt ‘unnecessary’. I hate admitting that now. You could just assume it’s because I’m a bit older and wiser, but the sad truth is because I have seen the undeniable need to have these plans in place.
I’ve experienced it myself, I’ve experienced my Mum getting Breast Cancer and passing away, family being poorly, friends getting sick and unable to work and also clients.

Do I know if it will happen to you? No.

Do I want it to? Absolutely not.

Do I want to give you the opportunity to protect yourself? Hell yes!

Cover Explained

Income Protection

A way to protect your income.

It’s a long-term insurance policy that makes sure you get a regular income and supports you financially if you’re unable to work because of injury or illness

Critical Illness Cover

No one can truly predict the future, but having this cover in place means you are prepared and have a financial safety net.

Critical illness insurance provides you with a lump sum of money if you are diagnosed with certain illnesses or disabilities.

Life Insurance

Life insurance acts as a safety net for the people you love, providing peace of mind and future financial security, should the worst happen.

It’s an insurance that pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person.

Next Steps…

Health Questions

In order for me to get an accurate and bespoke recommendation for you, I need the information about your health.

Please complete this form – it should only take about 5 minutes…

Health Questions Form

Decide on Trustess

You’l get peace of mind of knowing you’ll have cover in place, but it also makes sense to take all possible steps to safeguard your loved ones’ future and ensure that it goes to the people that you intend it to. A simple way to do this, is to put your policy into what is a known as a ‘trust’.

More info HERE

Budget Planner

You’ll have already made a start on your monthly budget planner, take a moment to look at how much you are already spending on cover for things like phones, car, boiler, pets etc – Now take some time to consider how crucial it is that you also cover your most important asset… yourself!

Comprehensive cover…

This is an indicative list of the types of cover that could be covered under a policy you’ll have. Generally, the most amount of claims are for Heart Attack, Cancer and Stroke. You will get a full list of the conditions you will be covered for on your policy documents. Occasionally some are excluded depending on your medical history. 

Consider adding these amazing benefits…

Private Diagnostics:

Fast results from some of the UK’s top medical experts. When faced with a potentially serious health problem, it’s natural to want answers and reassurance from the experts as quickly as possible. Private Diagnostics service fulfils that need by giving you fast access to private virtual consultations with specialists and in-person diagnostic testing. It helps get the initial diagnosis process started for cancer, cardiac or neurosurgical referrals, with results in a matter of weeks.

Add to policy for £4.50 a month

Fracture Cover:

Protecting against the cost of injury. dYou can make multiple claims per year with a maximum pay-out of £7,500 – whether you have an accident where they sustain multiple injuries at one time, or they have multiple injuries in a 12-month period. The cover applies to 20 different fractures, 9 different joint dislocations, Achilles tendon ruptures and knee ligament tears. Depending on the injury, you’ll receive a pay out of £2,000, £4,000, £6,000 or £7,500 – the more serious the injury, the more the pay-out.

Add to policy for £5.90 a month

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