How to Create a Minimalist Home

Posted on: April 5, 2023

Minimalist isn’t just about décor, it’s a lifestyle.

If you want to create a minimalist home, you’ll need to commit to changing both your environment and your mindset.

To help you get on board with the minimalist trend and start living a simpler life, here are four tips you’ll love on how to create a minimalist home.

What is a Minimalist Home?

A minimalist home is often referred to as a modern design for the interior of your home. It usually involves using the bare minimum of things to create a simple and uncluttered space. A minimalist home is usually one that feels spacious, neutral, and simple.

4 Tips on How to Create a Minimalist Home:

1. Declutter

One of the fundamentals of minimalism is that less is more. Fewer things and less clutter are two of the biggest principles.

But minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of things. It’s about having things in your home that serve a purpose – either emotionally, aesthetically, or functionally. If your stuff doesn’t fit that criteria, ‘Marie Kondo’ it, thank it for its time and pass it on to a new owner!


2. Opt For Bright, Neutral Wall Colours

A minimalist home utilises space in the best possible way. To make your home appear bright and spacious, paint the walls in light, neutral tones. This can create a more natural look to your home that feels calming.


3. Choose Bold Furniture

If you want to create a minimalist home, be bold! Opt for furniture that’s big and has solid colours – like orange, brown, green, or navy. If you don’t want to buy completely new furniture, try repurposing the things you already have. You could paint your old furniture or upcycle something for fairly little money.

To keep your home clutter-free, stick to having a few bigger pieces around your home – like artwork or mirrors – rather than lots of smaller accessories.


4. Buy Intentionally

Everything in your home needs to have a purpose, both now and in the future. The trick to keeping your home minimalist is to buy with intention.

Before purchasing anything, consider these things:

– Does it match your existing décor?
– Will it have a place to live?
– Is it made from the same or similar materials to the other items in your home?
– What will this item’s purpose be? Functional, aesthetic or emotion-inducing?
Make it a rule that you don’t buy something unless you can answer these questions.


Are You Going Minimalist Before Selling Up?

One of the best things you can do when staging your home for a sale is to opt for a minimalist look. Less stuff means fewer distractions. Fewer distractions lead to buyers visualising themselves living in your space! For more information on staging your home, read our previous blog here.


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