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I’m genuinely pleased to welcome you here and to tell you more about Mindful Mortgages. 

Why use Mindful Mortgages?

I have the experience and passion to assist you by finding the most suitable mortgage for your individual circumstances. 

I can provide mortgage advice that’s crafted just for you and your lifestyle. 

I am conscious to discuss with you how you can protect what matters to you, alongside arranging your mortgage.

As reflected in the company values and the decisions I make, I am mindful of ways to be socially responsible.

I am a whole of market mortgage broker with access to an extensive range of mortgage products, including exclusive deals. I provide impartial and holistic advice.

I will be genuinely honoured to take care of you, on your mortgage journey. 

Mindful Mortgages has been created to incorporate more than mortgage advice and is based around the core values centred on the home.

  • The home for you - providing holistic mortgage solutions for you.

  • Those without a home - supporting a local homeless charity.

  • The home we all share - making positive choices to cause less harm to the environment.


Passionate about building a meaningful relationship with you

Hi there! I’m Sam, the Founder and Owner of Mindful Mortgages.

It’s been a real journey to launch Mindful Mortgages and it’s so exciting to be able share with you what I feel, is a unique and holistic way to find you a mortgage. 

With a background as an Estate Agent since the age of 17 and having been in the mortgage world since 2005, I have lots of 'real life' experience. One thing that I'm always conscious of is that we all have a different story, we're all unique and individual, so that means no two mortgages are ever going to be the same. 

The greatest sense of satisfaction for me is building a lifelong relationship with you and I'm honoured to be a part of your 'Life Story'.

Mindful Mortgages combines all that I'm passionate about: helping you to buy your home, sharing advice and knowledge, but at the same time making a positive difference. I am blessed to be able to incorporate into the company my personal beliefs of trying to live life compassionately, ethically and giving back to the local community. 

I have two beautiful children, a girl and a boy, and a wonderful husband, Jon. We also have two cats, two dogs and six ducks! I love yoga, gardening (particularly growing veggies!) and travelling. I have lived locally my entire life in beautiful rural Leicestershire.



Your Mortgage Adviser

Mindful Mortgages is a meaningful company. It will be run from the heart, not the wallet. I feel so proud and privileged to be a part of your journey.
— Sam Cattell

Mortgages as individual as you are...


Your first home and moving home

A real bag of mixed emotions, there's a reason that moving is one of the most stressful events in your life! Excited one minute, panic the next, I understand how you feel and l always keep you in mind and adapt my service to your needs. 

The mortgage is one piece of the puzzle, there's a lot of other variables and potentially a lot of other people involved (buyers, sellers, estate agents, solicitors, surveyors etc!). I work alongside you to help get you into your dream home. 


Long gone are the days when we used to stay with one bank for the full duration of the mortgage. Like all aspects of finance, it is really worth reviewing your options regularly, especially once your initial offered rate ends.  

Staying with your existing lender

It may be the best option, for many reasons, to stay with your existing lender. You may want to borrow extra money or perhaps it’s time to review your options now your rate is coming to an end. Let me advise you if that's the most suitable for you and where possible, I can also do all of the hard work for you!

Niche mortgages

You might worry that your circumstances will prohibit you from getting a mortgage. However I'm experienced in finding the most suitable for you.

Examples include, but are not limited to: new build, self-build, offset, high net worth, right to buy, shared ownership, help to buy, holiday homes, income from benefits, new job, contract workers, self employed, ex pat...

Buy to let. There have been many complicated changes over the last few years. You need someone who understands and can offer personalised advice. Whether you are a first time landlord, portfolio landlord, limited company buy to let, let to buy, I have the knowledge and experience to help.

There are also further ways in which I can help. Let me pass your details on if you wish to speak to someone to assist with the following :

  • Conveyancing (Solicitors)

  • Home Insurance - Buildings and Contents

  • Wills/Family Estate Planning

  • Equity release/Later Life Planning

  • Second charges (Secured Loan)

  • Property Surveys


Protect what matters to you.

 A house is bricks and mortar, a home is so much more. 

A vital part of my role is offering protection advice, ensuring that you have considered various circumstances relating to your mortgage, how that could impact your lifestyle and how I can help you protect against it. 

I heard someone once say 'It should be called 'love' insurance, we buy it to protect the ones we love', that really makes complete sense to me and is why I am passionate about speaking about it.

Peace of mind for your financial future

No one has a crystal ball, so plan B is looking at ways to give you peace of mind and a safety net. 

If you came across a money making machine that always paid enough out each month to cover your mortgage, bills and maintain your current lifestyle, I think you would probably agree that you would make sure you insure this wondrous machine!!

Well, what if I also told you that you do have one.... it's you.

I can discuss options with you, to help make sure you are protected against various circumstances. I recommend the most suitable package for you, my advice can include Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection.


Let's chat! 

Whichever way you would prefer to get in touch, I'm excited to speak to you.